Monday, 24 October 2011

Week 5: There’s strength in numbers

By Kate Webb

So we are entering the home straight which means I can look back to where I started and reflect on what I now know, such as:

#1 – there are lots of runners in St Albans. Not news to the Striders maybe, but I’ve not really noticed before. Whenever I’ve been out I’ve always seen someone else running.

#2 - you need never do the same route twice. This is especially good if you get bored quickly, which I do.

#3 – I really don’t like running on my own. I’ve tried it and it’s just not as good as running with others.

Heading out at weekends, with my supportive husband for company, has been good. But when I’ve gone out on my own, I’ve found it much more difficult. I really value the chance to run as part of a bigger group on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I’ve found that numbers are helpful in other ways. For instance there’s running time – for the Green Team week 1 meant 5 minutes, while week 5 saw us run over half an hour. We can look at it in terms of miles covered too, though to be honest, here the records are less accurate. Garmins are still on our wish lists. But we are running further, definitely.

Having built up these stats I feel that there's still room to improve, and the end of next week promises more numbers, with an answer to the all important question: ‘What pace you do you run at?’

A few weeks ago when I was asked this, the best answer I could give was a shrug of my shoulders and a bit of a demonstration! Being able to answer confidently will give me something to build on in the future – for me, there’s definitely strength in numbers.

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