Monday, 14 January 2013

‘A big thank you’ - great feedback for Get Started

There have been three Get Started courses at Striders since 2011, and at different points the Blog has heard from those taking part. But when the course comes to an end, what do people find they have got from it? After the last Get Started course participants were asked for their feedback. The results have shown the course’s value and effect: 
  • Providing the motivation to keep running - ‘I never thought I’d still be running and would enjoy it so much but do, and this is not only because of the Get Started sessions but due to how welcoming and supportive Striders have been.’
  • Demystifying track sessions - ‘To an inexperienced runner they are now less scary and understand that they are structured so that all levels can get something out of the sessions’
  • Understanding more about the variety of training options - ‘I had never done hill reps – they were hard but now I know that, and it’s not daunting’ 
  • Introducing Striders - ‘It provided me with the discipline to do something active and was the way into the club – without Get Started I wouldn't have joined’ 
  • Getting to grips with being a club member - ‘The essentials session at the end of the course was really good and inspired you to keep going’
Everyone who responded said they would carry on running. Ruth, who joined in September 2012, told us more about her Get Started experience and her running plans for 2013: 

‘I really enjoyed the Get Started course, and thought it was a great and non-daunting environment for new starters to be included in the club, and make some acquaintances. 

'I started running 21 months ago to run the London marathon, which I managed in 5:30 in 2012. It was a bit slower than I hoped, because of a three week break with shin splints. 

Ruth, finishing VLM 2012 
'I joined Get Started hoping to help push my speed training. I wanted to join to improve my running technique and get training tips, and encouragement that I couldn't do by myself. I really love the track sessions - they are hard, but push me much harder than I push myself. 

'I liked not having to walk into a big club by myself and not know anyone or anything, a group intro was much better. 

'I’m running the London marathon again this year and I really want to get somewhere near 5 hours this time. I am doing the Silverstone half marathon in February. I did it last year, as well as being a great warm up for London its lots of fun to run on the race track!' 

So, a big 'Thank you' to everyone involved in helping with Get Started and in the Thursday night runs since then. Your support is really appreciated. More info about helping with the Thursday night run rotas can be found on the Facebook page and the Forum. 

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