Saturday, 12 May 2012

That elusive 3 miles? Smashed!

So somehow, I've survived and managed to make it to week 3 of the ‘Get Started’ course. AKA  – half way. How has that happened? How am I actually managing to run these distances? I’m actually getting better?! Well apparently so – and in such a short space of time as well.

I’m going to backtrack to last week when I went on my first solo run without the Striders and the flatmate (yes – week one I was naughty and couldn’t quite bring myself to leave the house whilst it was heaving down with torrential rain. I hadn’t formed my runner’s guilt back then). Bearing in mind, I’d complained all around the Thursday session, and was a little saddened I hadn’t quite hit 3 miles, I was a determined little soul, slogging my way around Green Wood Park in Park Street. And believe it or not, that Sunday morning I actually wanted to get out of bed and run. There was no runner’s guilt here – I actually ‘fancied going for a run’. (For those who know me well, this is an oddity. Again, I must remind you of my history of sport. It’s not great…) So, iPod in, Nike GPS set, my 80s Casio special on my wrist to time intervals (a rather fetching gold colour) and off I went.  

I must have looked a sight. Sweaty, out of breath, but still managing to sing along (quite loudly) to my running playlist that I had created; the dog walkers and people taking their children to burn off some energy did give me rather a wide berth. However, I did it. 3.24 miles to be exact. I was beyond smug! I’m sorry to everyone I bored rigid that day with details of my run. It is official: I have become a running bore.

So back to the course. Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday. Not much to report here I’m afraid as I was in a poisonous mood and didn’t want to speak to anyone. I’d already stropped at my work colleagues for 8 hours, and couldn’t bear to put the Striders through the same ordeal. So I stayed at home. And felt horribly guilty. My flatmate reported back it was a particularly hard session with lots of hill work – but I was slumped in the bath at that time so can’t really comment. Sorry!

However, I was back in fighting form on Thursday. Abby was apparently poorly (get well soon!) so Julie led our run. More mean streets of St Albans running, more growling, more 'Simon Says' (love that game!) and another 5k smashed. Can I hear a ‘HURRAH’?! 

I was chatting to another Striders member around the course - Cazza - who was full of encouraging advice and helped me block out the pain of running when I was truly knackered. Getting hints and tips is invaluable from experienced runners, and definitely helps me stay focused when the going gets tough. We’re also getting up to 7 minute runs in our intervals. 5 minutes now seem a piece of cake (!) and it shocks me again how quickly I’m progressing. I know, I know, I sound like a broken record – however if I hadn’t joined the ‘Get Started’ course, I’d still be faffing around at 2 minute runs or such like. Or maybe even given up trying to run.

Finally, I’ve just come back from another solo run (with the flatmate this time) and we’ve clocked just less than 4 miles running around the village. I’m not quite sure how we did it, but we did. (Granted, with intervals but there was only a total of 6 minutes walking. The remaining 35 minutes was running.)  So now I’m pushing myself to get to that elusive 4 mile mark. Maybe next week, huh?

Also for next week - I’m still waiting to be taught on how to ‘Spit like a runner’ which was promised last week… all ladylike decorum and poise goes out the window apparently. I can’t wait!

Jemma Western

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  1. well done Jemma, am in Scilly Isles currently so will aim to run this week so not to fall behind when I return to getting started next week Amanda