Friday, 28 September 2012

Everything you ever wanted to know....

....about running and Striders, but were afraid to ask!! 

Thursday saw the first ‘Essentials’ session at the King Harry pub and offered a chance to marvel at Mike's incredible knowledge of all things run-related. In a fantastically comprehensive session, fuelled only by assorted bar snacks and a drink or two, we learnt all about Striders and how to go about improving our running performance, including: 
  • The different seasons in the running year 
  • How Striders’ runs and training sessions fit into a training programme 
  • How you can help Striders and get involved in the club 
  • How a training diary (and blogging) helps 
  • What it takes to win the club championships (or at least be in contention) 
  • Why it helps to have a running buddy on a long run (to pass the talk test) 
  • And why men shouldn’t run in boxer shorts...... 

And what did I take away? Finding out that I might be just 12 months into what could be at least five years of continued improvement if I put in the training was really encouraging. I suspect that actually winning the club championships is a very remote prospect for me, so I’ll be focusing my efforts on identifying some A, B and C races, building Striders’ sessions into a training plan and seriously considering a cross country race or two (I still bear mental and physical scars from school races). 

While it might take some time to stop consulting my Garmin at regular points through a 5K parkrun, I am reassured that it will take a spectacular shopping spree to come close to becoming St Albans’ equivalent of the Imelda Marcos of running shoes! 

The next session is scheduled for 18 October, at the end of the current Get Started course. For anyone looking to learn more about getting to grips with their training, achieving their goals and understanding how Striders can help (and how you can help Striders), it's not to be missed. 

Kate Webb

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