Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Strider in the Spotlight – Lucy Martin

Lucy, London Marathon 2013
1. How long have you been running and when did you join Striders?  
I occasionally used to run (slowly) before joining Striders but was more of a gym-goer. After getting bored of that, I decided to try something new and joined the first Get Started course in September 2011. I quickly became hooked, did various races, signed up for my first marathon and became club secretary!

2. What’s been your best moment as a Strider? 
Ooh, that's a difficult one. I have to say I was very proud when I received my monthly award for Berkhamsted Half in March 2012, but undoubtedly my best running moment has to be Amsterdam Marathon in October 2012. I found the whole experience very emotional and cried far too much, out of pain, relief and happiness! I wore my Striders vest with pride (even though it is pretty unflattering!) 

3. What’s your pre-race ritual? 
I don't have much of a ritual as such, but it usually involves a generous portion of pasta for dinner the night before then eating a fairly big bowl of Grape Nuts and drinking lots of water first thing, then going to the toilet lots because of nerves! 

4. What’s the most useful piece of running advice you’ve been given? 
Probably listen to your body, rest when you need to and don't automatically panic at the slightest sign of a niggle or in the run-up to a race – I don't really follow this advice as much as I should!

5. Where do you keep your race medals? 
My two marathon medals are hanging on the wall with pride of place and the rest of my medals are hanging on an unused curtain hook!  

6. What’s your favourite local running route? 
I think it's probably a 10–11 miler from the park up past Batchwood towards Heartwood Forest and back via Childwickbury. It's got a few hills, but as much as I loathe them, I know they're good for me – and it's great to do a longer run that's almost entirely off-road.  

7. What’s your next target? 
After doing the London marathon in April, I decided it's time to concentrate on getting faster and do some shorter races, so after doing all the Mid Week League 10ks then being out with a non-running knee injury for a month, I'm now planning what 10 milers and halfs to enter this autumn!

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