Sunday, 8 January 2017

Drum roll please... the results of our members survey revealed

In September last year, members of the club were invited to complete a short online survey. Over 100 responses were received and we would like to thank everyone who participated, your feedback will help to direct the club activities over the coming year.

The survey responses were reviewed by the Committee prior to the AGM in November and a number of action points agreed.

Here are the survey questions with a summary of the responses we received, and how we'll use this information...

Q1. How important are the following benefits of being a Strider to you? Please rank each element between 1 (not at all important) to 5 (very important).

This top level information will be used to help us to prioritise our efforts across the various aspects of the club. It was clear that all the listed benefits were important to most of the respondents, with most importance given to the structured environment of training nights and least overall importance given to the reduced race entry price that EA affiliation offers.

1 Not at all important
2 3 4 5 Very important
Meeting new people, making friends and social events 3% 17% 26% 27% 27%
It's easy to find people to run with at a similar pace 2% 7% 13% 36% 42%
Training nights provide a structured environment in which to push myself 3% 3% 7% 37% 50%
Reduced price race entry through club/EA affiliation 20% 25% 23% 18% 13%
It provides opportunities to take part in league races 11% 13% 22% 31% 23%
Obtaining tips and guidance on training, injury prevention, nutrition etc 7% 7% 25% 36% 24%

It was also clear that safety of running with others was an important factor for several respondents.

Q2. Do you think Striders membership offers good value for money?

No strong opinion

It was clear that respondents overwhelmingly felt that the club represents good value for money. The Committee will aim to continue delivering a good-value running club for members, including a reduced membership rate for those who volunteer at our events. Comments included...

'Use of the track is invaluable. Please keep its hire included in membership fees!'

'It is excellent value for money. I suspect that we could charge more.'

'Exceptionally! I am very lucky to be part of a well organised professional club.'

Q3. Do you have feedback on how club funds should be spent?

Feedback received suggested that members felt club funds were spent appropriately. Suggestions and subsequent action points are listed below.
  • Gazebo: The Committee will purchase a gazebo in the new Striders branding to be used at races and Strider events.
  • Updating the Striders website: The Committee will be working to deliver a new website over the coming year.
  • Creating a team atmosphere: Social events and coach trips will continue to be offered to members.
  • Training more Run Leaders: We would like to include a list of qualified Run Leaders on our updated website. If you would like to undertake Run Leader training, please speak to a member of the Committee.
  • Branded Run Leader items: The Committee will purchase a number of high-viz Run Leader vests to help identification.
Q4. Do you think new and prospective members receive sufficient support and welcome?

No strong opinion

We received positive comments on both general new members and the Run with Striders course with some as follows...

'Whoever does the announcements always calls out a welcome to new members, and we tend to be quite a friendly bunch who can chat to new people and welcome them.'

'Excellent experience in the Run with Striders this year.'

Suggestions and action points are listed below.
  • Monthly new members' night / run: Prospective members are encouraged to come along for the first time on the first Tuesday of each month. The Committee will aim to ensure Tea Night is always held on the first Tuesday of each month – to ensure the 'New Members' Nights' are as effective as possible.
  • Buddying new members: The Committee will contact those members who have suggested they are happy to help with buddying new members.
  • Website: Our new website will have better information for prospective members, as well as a members' area.
  • More support and training plans for new members: As the club does not have the resources to provide individual training plans, our updated website will have a section with links to training and advice (e.g. Runner's World), alongside details for recommended local coaches/personal trainers if new members would like more support with their training.
Q5. Do you have any comments or suggestions about our regular training session?

'Just to say a big thank you to those who take the time to plan and lead the sessions.'

'The right mix of structure and do-it-yourself.'

Suggestions and actions as follows...
  • Advertised training schedule: The upcoming track sessions will continue to be advertised via our website. We will aim to offer a similar schedule for other regular training options in the future.
  • Thursday training options: A number of members suggested more structured hills and interval options on a Thursday night. As our Club is completely volunteer-run, please let the Committee know if you would like to be part of a Thursday night rota.
  • Identifying the Run Leader: the Committee will purchase a number of high-viz Run Leader vests to help identification, and will investigate signage (e.g. 7-minute pace group).
  • Midweek Daytime Sessions: The Committee will not be able to arrange midweek sessions in the near future. However, if you are willing to arrange a regular daytime run for members, the Committee would be happy to support you to advertise this.
  • Inclusiveness of training sessions: All interval sessions (e.g. track, 1km reps, hill sessions) offered to members during announcements at our regular training nights are open to all. For longer runs, the pace and length will be advertised to help members chose the appropriate group.
Q6. Do you have any suggestions for the 2016/17 Club Championships?

Thank you to all who responded with suggestions for next year’s Club Championships. The full schedule of 2016/17 Club Championship events can be viewed here.

Q7. In particular, we would like to include another coach trip in next year's Club Championships. Do you have any suggestions?

Several people proposed the Great South Run and it has been decided that this will be next year’s coach trip and form part of the Club Championships.

Q8. Do you have any suggestions for social events next year, including the annual weekend away?

Suggestions for future social events included:
  • Annual Weekend Away: Incorporating a race, staying at an upmarket hotel and increasing the number of available spaces. Suggested locations included Suffolk, rural Wales, the Peak District and the New Forest. In addition there were suggestions for walking Lands’ End to John O’Groats, and completing the 'Three Peaks' challenge. Plans are underway for this year's weekend away which will be in May.
  • Summer Picnic/BBQ
  • Pub Crawls
  • Beer Mile
  • Singles Night
  • Karaoke Night
Q9. Do you have any other suggestions related to the club (e.g. kit items, host races, league membership etc)?

There was positive feedback on the branded kit, league race opportunities and Striders host race events. Suggestions included:
  • Host Races: Continue with current races and provide more notice about dates of events.
  • Activities/Presentations: Hold information sessions and presentations. The Committee will notify members about such events being held in the local area and continue to offer occasional events when there is sufficient interest.
  • Head Torches: While it is not viable to maintain a stock of head torches for evening sessions, all Run Leaders will be provided with a head torch if they do not have one.
  • Kit: Suggestions included branded racing tops, woollen hats, caps, buffs, blue shorts and waterproof fleece jackets.
  • Email Mailing List: Some members cited issues with email communications. Following significant work by Deirdre, our membership secretary, and Hannah, our webmaster, the old mailing list has now been retired and a cleaned and updated one has been in use since October.

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